Student Outreach

Former Board President Barbara Silberman’s museum studies class from Tufts on “Revitalizing Historic House Museums” visiting the Sargent House in June of 2013. This was one of two field trips for the course.  The topic for their visit was: Ideals vs. Reality: Putting Knowledge into Practice.


Cape Ann YMCA Summer Stock Theatre Club (Session 2/July 2013) dropped by to learn about Judith Sargent Murray’s life in Gloucester, and her work with young girls and education. The YMCA actors asked many great questions and were fascinated by how much life has changed since Judith’s day.




(2014) Streaming video of our 2014 “Judith Speaks” program.

(2014) A short pictorial introduction to the House and its collections, including links for more information.

(2013) Fieldstone Common podcast in which Marian Pierre-Louis interviews Barbara Silberman, President of the SHM Board. They discuss the life of Judith Sargent Murray, touching on Judith’s belief in equal education, a woman’s right to work outside the home and equal roles between men and women in marriage. These were quite extraordinary beliefs to be espoused during that time period.

(2012) SHM Board President, Barbara Silberman, and Board Member Judith Nast give a tour to Good Morning Gloucester in four videos.

Gloucester Harbor Walk

GHW Audio recitation and discussion of “Lines Written by a Lady who was Questioned respecting her Inclination to Marry,” originally published in Massachusetts Magazine or Monthly Museum, September 1794. It is likely this was written by Judith Sargent Murray who married twice.


GHW online Story Moments: Post #34, Judith Sargent Murray

Curriculum Materials

Coming Soon:

Information and curriculum materials for a lesson on the founding principle of

separation of church and state and the role of Gloucester’s Universalists in establishing this right.

Lesson plan on Judith Sargent Murray’s pioneering ideas about equal education, job opportunities and marital partnerships for women.